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MotorMaster+ 3.0 Downloadable Software
An energy-efficient motor selection and management tool, MotorMaster+ 3.0 software includes a catalog of over 20,000 AC motors. Version 3.0 features motor inventory management tools, maintenance log tracking, efficiency analysis, savings evaluation, energy accounting, and environmental reporting capabilities.

Pump System Assessment Tool (PSAT) Downloadable Software
The Pumping System Assessment Tool helps industrial users assess the efficiency of pumping system operations. PSAT uses achievable pump performance data from Hydraulic Institute standards and motor performance data from the MotorMaster+ database to calculate potential energy and associated cost savings.

Decision Tools for Industry CD
The Decision Tools for Industry CD contains both the MotorMaster+ 3.0 (MM+ 3.0) and Pump System Assessment Tool software packages described above. In addition, it includes MM+ 3.0 training. The training walks you through the fundamentals and the advanced features of MM+3.0 and provides examples for using the software to make motor purchase decisions. Please order via e-mail from the OIT Clearinghouse or call the Clearinghouse at 800-862-2086.

ASDMaster: Adjustable Speed Drive Evaluation Methodology and Application Software
This Windows software program helps you, as a plant or operations professional, determine the economic feasibility of an ASD application, predict how much electrical energy may be saved by using an ASD, and search a database of standard drives. The package includes two 3 1/2-inch diskettes, user's manual, and user's guide. Please order from EPRI or from Bonneville Power Administration.

Steam System Scoping Tool
Designed for steam system energy managers and operations personnel-- can be used to evaluate steam system operations against identified best practices and to compare results with those obtained by other plant personnel.

3E Plus
Designed to help determine whether boiler systems can be optimized through the insulation of boiler steam lines- calculates the most economical thickness of industrial insulation for a variety of operating conditions using either the built-in thermal performance relationship of generic insulation materials or conductivity data for other materials.

PHAST: Process Heating Assessment and Survey Tool
PHAST provides an introduction to process heating methods and tools to improve thermal efficiency of heating equipment. Use the tool to survey process heating equipment that uses fuel, steam, or electricity, and identify the most energy-intensive equipment. You can also perform an energy (heat) balance on selected equipment (furnaces) to identify and reduce non-productive energy use. Compare performance of the furnace under various operating conditions and test "what-if" scenarios.

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