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Meta-Lax Stress Relief Process Saves Energy (Inventions and Innovation)

Bonal Technologies has created a solution to the stress relief dilemma with the help of a grant funded by the Inventions and Innovation Program through the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Industrial Technologies. The company’s patented Meta-Lax process relieves thermal stress within metal components by using nondestructive, highly efficient sub-harmonic vibrations to prevent distortion and cracking. The $65,000 grant awarded in 1989 gave Bonal Technologies the chance to refine and prepare its process for the marketplace, including third-party documentation. Meta-Lax, short for “metal relaxation,” is a proven substitute for 80% to 90% of heat-treatment stress relief in metal working applications. It improves the inconsistencies of the previous resonant-vibration technology by using more efficient, more consistent “sub-harmonic” vibrational energy, which is the optimum vibration stress-relief frequency. Meta-Lax treats a wider variety of work pieces with a versatile, portable unit and yields results much more quickly than conventional, stationary heat-treating furnaces. Conventional heat treatments may require over 6 hours while the Meta-Lax process requires about 30 minutes on average.
Bonal Technologies
Ehr-Ping HuangFu
U.S. Department of Energy
1000 Independence Ave., S
Washington, DC  20585

phone: (202) 586-1493
fax: (202) 586-6507

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