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Energy Saving Melting and Revert Reduction Technology (E-SMARRT)

The metalcasting industry produces one or more cast parts for 90 percent of the manufactured goods in transportation, energy, aerospace, manufacturing, and national defense industry. However, because most of the companies in the metalcasting industry are small-sized, they lack resources to perform research and development their own to target the maximum savings with the appropriate technology. The Advanced Technology Institute developed a balanced portfolio of tasks to identify processes and technological advances capable of delivering enhancements in energy efficiency and economic benefits in metalcasting industry. This program is called Energy Saving Melting and Revert Reduction Technology (E-SMARRT). The E-SMARRT program aims to develop metalcasting technology in the areas of Advanced Melting and Innovative Casting Processes where melting technology and metal casting processes will be developed without major capital investment from the industry.
Advanced Technology Institute (ATI)
Ehr-Ping HuangFu
U.S. Department of Energy
1000 Independence Ave., S
Washington, DC  20585

phone: (202) 586-1493
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